Our Development Matrix

PMC Development Matrix

At Property Management Corporation (PMC) we recognise the importance of high level project planning and project management as a critical ingredient to the success of residential, commercial and retail property projects. From the conception stage of a development communication between planners, clients and public authorities is essential.

Development Project Feasibility Study

All development projects require a detailed scope of work (SOW). This study defines and outlines the work to be performed on the project, its costs and timeframes and can be expected to include things such as:






Reports & Costs


The feasibility study is essential and is often included as part of the overall project plan. From a thorough feasibility study the basis for a course of action can be signed off on, prior to implementation. This saves from any misunderstandings or disputes during the course of the project.

Planning to succeed

Good business project planning and a comprehensive feasibility study addresses all the tough questions before any large scale or small project commences, which in turn improves its chances of succeeding exponentially. Through good planning, you plan to succeed. At PMC our project planning reflects all the phases of good project management such as:





Monitoring & Controlling

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Planning To Succeed

Our planning as part of our project management can include activities, such as:

Developing the project plan

Requirements, Resource planning

Scope Definition


Cost Estimation

PMC can offer you the peace of mind that our project analysis and project planning identify all the strengths and any weaknesses which could hinder a project, by applying our localised and reliable project management expertise.

In harnessing every projects unique potential, our multidisciplinary approach captures all the elements required for your project’s implementation, whether from the start to the end, a phase or milestone. No project is too small or too big.